Fear of Online Digital Transcription Schools

So many people are afraid of online digital transcription school scams. We are here to provide information on that subject. We are filling a need. In our case we don’t sell products or services, we provide information. We will gain value over time instead of collecting monthly payments from schools.

How about the work-from-home mom sites and women who review everything under the sun? You guessed it, they make money by referring digital transcription schools and other items. The only prerequisite is the school’s willingness to pay for the referral. It has virtually nothing to do with how good the school is. Any sales talk you read is just that – a sales pitch.

These women rarely make much money. Average income for a successful blogger is $1000 per month. They aren’t getting rich selling you things, but they are selling. They are trying to earn a living while working from home; just like you! We just thought this is another tree in the forest you should be able to identify.

LOL, there will be many blog and forum owners who don’t like this information getting out. We expect to see some anger. Good, it means we have done our job well.